Wednesday, December 15, 2010 just another website or It will make the difference

Today I came across entrepreneurs who are starting this site called This site is has very different way to find you tenant, buyer, owner or landlord. It doesn't involve brokers. They demonstrated there strong filter system, which doesn't allow brokers to list their properties on If this is the case then how small brokers like us will be able to survive. They are launching in Mumbai initially then they will expand to some other city. deals in all kind of properties like Apartments, Flats, service apartments, paying guest accommodation, business centre, offices and most important in short term rental services. They believe there are lots of people think that real estate brokers don't provide any value addition for them this site is boon, but there is catch that they charge upfront fee of Rs.200/-. In India people will hesitate to pay upfront. That is where I want your feed.