Sunday, May 5, 2019

How you can search someone?

How you can search for someone? about whom you have these details for sure that is
Complete Name (might be father's too) and Last known address from that person left at least around 10 years ago if not more and the new occupant of that address and neighbors don't know about his or her whereabouts too.
Person's Age Group is around 45 to 65, so there is a good possibility that he might or might not on social media like,,, etc and even there you get lots of same name profiles so that too has its limitations. You have never ever met him or her in your life.
You don't know about his profession and even whether he or she is alive or passed away too.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dedicated Desk for Corporate & None Resident Indians (NRI's) Clients

We at Supergrowth have a dedicated desk for the Corporates and None Resident Indians ( NRI's) Clients because the requirements and procedure are different for an individual Indian compare to company or NRI's. 
In the case of corporates or NRI's, they don't have Aadhar Card which is mandatory by the law for the individual Indian. We know What procedure needs to be followed to get the duplicate share certificates. What and When the use of Article of Association or Memorandum of Understanding in case of corporates and how to avoid difficult and expensive apostille in the case of NRI's. 

Transfer of Physical Shares

Transfer of shares

Transmission of shares

Transmission of shares

Getting the Duplicate Share Certificates

Getting the Duplicate Share Certificates

Claiming of Shares and Dividends from Companies & IEPF Authority

When you don't encash your dividends from any Indian company that dividend company keeps to itself for seven years in that period you can claim the dividend if you have all the share details like company's name and folio no. or D'mate account no in case shares are in the digitalized form (D'mate). but the real problem starts when shares are lost and you don't even know the name of all the companies forget about folio nos. etc. This happens due to frequent address changes, an unorganized portfolio, a very busy schedule and where Supergrowth comes for your rescue. 
Our team of dedicated workers checks with the companies if there is any dividend is not encashed by you and your family members or family member who is no more. Once we get the details of the dividend not encashed by you we start the procedure. This procedure is very complicated, lengthy and requires multiple expertise to execute it to get the share certificates because you don't have to only get the duplicate share certificate from not only the company but from Investor Education and Protection Fund (#IEPF) means the government too because as per company law " If any shareholder doesn't cash his or her dividend for seven consecutive years that company should transfer those shares and dividend on them to the government. The government and companies keep on coming with the discrepancies either due to rules are not very clear or rules keep on changing or an individual has a limitation in the interpretation of the law. 
Supergrowth has all the expertise to handle legal and company law to get you shares and accumulated dividends. If you deal through Supergrowth then it not only finds your lost abandoned and abundance wealth but gets it too. Supergrowth not only gets you money but saves your feet from wear and tear and the most important time.
We have a list of people especially from Corporate India, Top Stock Brokers, High Networth Individuals, and NRI's who have found our services much to their satisfaction. On request, we can provide you with the same. Only Supergrowth gives the users an opportunity to get his all wealth which stuck up in the system, So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively & lose opportunities for the sake of a small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the ego or fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part, we are a call away. 
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