Saturday, July 4, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions to claim the shares from IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund)

We at Supergrowth gets contacted by lots of people every day to claim their shares from IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund). Let's make one thing clear from the beginning that Supergrowth is a service provider. We provide our time and expertise in claiming shares. We not only save your feet from wear and tear and suck all your wealth for you that stuck in this tringle of Company, Registrar and Transfer Agent and most difficult identity IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund). Please write your queries here and we will reply as soon as possible. By the way, We can handle all types of legally right claims so don't worry at all. If there is something that is not possible legally then we are very upfront to say that. You can contact us through the ways mentioned below too.

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