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Frequently Asked Question by Prospective Clients

The way it is considered rude to ask a man's wage and a woman's age!
The same way it rude to ask Supergrowth companies names before the client agrees to its terms and conditions. Why? The answer is given below. 
Whenever any prospective client gets in touch with us or the other way around. The first thing they ask for is the name of companies where they have their lost, forgotten their investment. It happened sometime when we gave them some clue so they understand where we are coming from. Once they realize that this executive of Supergrowth is very informative and if they can get that information then rest they can manage their own by bypassing it even though they are not aware of this information which they want from our executive might not be with him or her and getting duplicate share certificates are a no more hunky-dory thing nowadays and that they might not only have to get the duplicate shares certificates from the not only company but from the government ( Investor Education and Protection Fund in short IEPF) too. In the current scenario due to SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) and lots of regulatory compliances that are not a layman's job as it was in the '90s. You need a specialist for that. Some plead, some act tough and some of them go to extant that they bully our executives to get the name of companies. 
The executives of Supergrowth might not have all the information. We provide them contacts of the prospective clients and the broader idea of the worth of investment that the client is not aware of.  He might not aware that investment is spread by how many companies? forgot the name of the companies We have to reveal the information but that we reveal as and when it is required and once the client agrees to our terms and conditions. The way people ask this information whether ignorantly or arrogantly or smartly we don't know but f
ew things they should and have to understand that Supergrowth is a business. It is not a helpline set up by exchequer's money so we are bound to provide that information. This information is very crucial and we put lots of resources to get information from various sources If we start providing that information free and people start approaching companies by bypassing Supergrowth then How it will run its business? 
Sometime when our executive tells the client that will be revealed once he agrees on our terms and conditions then he gives us lots of excuses.
Few of those frequently used excuses and our reply to those excuses are here.
1) First, he has to cross-check about it and whether he wants to go ahead with it or not if the amount is small then he might not pursue it. 
Answer:-We defiantly give you a ballpark figure of the whole corpus and that figure comes from Reliance or Infosys or L&T shouldn't make any difference to you. The money you get from selling shares of Reliance or Infosys or L&T doesn't have a different value in the market and dividend obviously doesn't have any different kind of credit in your bank account. As far as the time value of your time that we do take in consideration the person concerned and the same time if ticket size is low that is not an incentive for us too because we charges are like charges of Investment Banks, on a percentage basis, not as a lawyer charges on case basis. 
2) We will negotiate the charges of Supergrowth first let me know the name of the companies?
Dear Sir, In any business first both parties should agree on terms and conditions. Any refined businessman won't enter any deal without knowing terms and conditions. Only a person who is not a man of his words and litigant will enter any deal without knowing terms and conditions, so first know our terms and condition. By the way, our charges are fixed so there is no scope of negotiation. 
3) How do I know that Supergrowth is a genuine organization? 
Supergrowth is more than 28 years old firm. We have and are working for some of the marquess
 names of the financial world, Stock Brokers, Bankers, and Businessmen and not only in Mumbai but across the globe. As and when it is required we are ready to share with you. 
4) What about if I don't get any benefits through Supergrowth ( means he doesn't get any shares or dividend as promised by Supergrowth)  
In the worst-case scenario if you don't get any benefits you don't lose anything it is Supergrowth that bears all the brunt so don't worry that you will not incur any financial loss. 
5) Clients often act tough. "We are well known and this is how we work. We do transactions worth millions or billions on words" is the style of some of the prospective clients.
We do transactions worth millions and billions also but only once we sign on dotted lines. So frankly we don't care how great you are. On the other hand, if you want a windfall gain or want to get the money which you have written off and want to discuss a way to do so while reducing your financial risk we are open to discussing that.
6) Send across all the details of shares to our address. This is how some clients respond. 
What do you think that Supergrowth running on a subscription base business and you have subscribed for that? There is no free lunch in this world, either you don't get anything free or if you get then it doesn't have any value. Supergrowth not only provides you information about your lost or forgotten investment but do almost all the spadework which requires specialist of legal and company affairs.
7) Clients often ask for trust. "We are honest and you should trust us" is what these types of messages state.
Actually the only thing this means is "We don't trust Supergowth but Supergrowth should trust us." So this is actually adding insult to injury. We are a publicly visible organization with standard systems. There is no reason not to trust us. On the other hand, we do not have the ability or energy to track the clients once we provide them the name of companies. We have thought through the level of risk we are prepared to take and have incorporated that in our standard system of dealing.
8) I m working on it so to know whether you have the same companies or different companies. Let me know the name of the companies. 
First, we are surprised that if you knew that you have some shares and that too not years but decades ago and you couldn't do anything when it was requiring very little efforts and know What made you think that you will be able to do know when it will require 100 times more effort, time and cost. First, make your house in order and once you are done with it then you may contact us if there is something left. If you want to use this excuse to know the name of companies. We are sorry, so many people have done it before it won't work. 
So basically our point is instead of trying to get us to change and take a decision, it is far better for you to evaluate Supergrowth and take your decisions accordingly. 
We work on the presumption that clients are mature and can make their own decisions about what works best for them. We do not presume to be wiser than them and hence we do not chase them to change their minds. 

So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively and lose opportunities for the sake of a small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part, we are a call or mail away.  

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