Saturday, April 10, 2021

Creditability of Supergrowth

In recent time lots of intermediaries have come up for the claiming of shares and dividend from IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund). because lots of Investors were not aware of new law and rules which created IEPF and due to that lots of Investors shares gone to IEPF.Some of these intermediaries are fly by night operators and they ask for advance payment in pretax of their connection in IEPF and then they do a very unprofessional job and due to that investor suffer not only financially but lost a considerable amount of time as well. It is normal tendencies of Indian Investors that they go for cheaper alternate without checking about the quality. How Supergrowth is different from the rest of the crowd? First Supergrowth is the only firm who is in this business for more than 28 years, the rest of the firms are not even started before 2015. Supergrowth is the only firm that handled complex issues of tainted shares of famous Harshad Mehta of The Scam 1992. Some of the guys of these firms are from the D'mate era and not aware of What is the Physical Shares and What is Transfer Forms etc.  Supergrowth is the only firm that has the experience of handling the nitty-gritty of physical shares. At the same time, it has kept itself updated on how has compliance requirements of the companies, registrar and share transfer agent, stock exchanges, SEBI ( Securities Exchange Board of India), MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs), ROC (Registrar of Companies) and most important and most difficult to deal with the IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund).   If you are dealing with any newbies then you might save few thousands as a fee but you loos on claiming of right no of shares and the right amount of dividends and some time they miss the companies too because you might be entitled to the shares of another companies shares too due to merger and demerger like in Bajaj Auto's case the shareholder not only entitle for the shares and dividends of Bajaj Auto but the shares of Bajaj Finserve and Bajaj Holding which got emerged from Bajaj Auto. We at Supergrowth not only have a record of 28 years of dividends, bonus given by the companies but most important merger and demergers too and it saves you from slippages in the form of dividend, shares and shares due to you in the form of bonus shares and shares of demerged identity. One another thing that is why our charges are higher because it includes all the expenses like Stamp Paper, Notary, Courier, conveyance, Drafting of Letters, Affidavits, Indemnities, Advertisement in the newspapers ( Both English and Regional), Follow it up with the companies, RTA ( Registrar and Transfer Agent).  We are a very time conscious and to the point business organization. In fact, we have a list of people, like Stockbrokers, High Networth Individual, Bankers, Venture Capitalist, PE Player etc. who have found our services much to their satisfaction. On request, we can provide you with the same. So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively and lose opportunities for the sake of a small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the ego, fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part, we are a call or mail away. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Rules and Terms & Condition of IPO ( Initial Public Offers) & OFS (Offer for Sale) Prediction Contest of Supergrowth

These are basic rules of IPO and OFS contest which is running at social media platforms of those pages links are given here, 1) LinkedIn, 2) FaceBook 3) Twitter

> Supergrowth has all the rights to change any rules, cancel any particular contest or close the contest without giving any notice and reason. 

> The theme of the contest is owned by Supergrowth but the platforms on which it is running is owned by their respective organizations and Supergrowth doesn't have any right on their brand and platforms. 

> One can participate through all or any social media platforms and can have a different prediction on a different platform. Every platform will be considered as a different entry. 

> One can change his or her prediction as many times as he or she wants to but Supergrowth will take only the last prediction into consideration while selecting the winner.

> The winner has to follow Supergrowth on the platform he or she participates in.

> If there is a situation where more than two winners then the winner will be decided by the team of expert of Supergrowth depending on his or her profile, age, from when she or he started to follow Supergrowth and that will be binding on all the participants.

> The timing of closing the contest will be decided by the stock market expert team of Supergrowth and it will be based on the scale of difficulty in the prediction.

> There will be Three winners in any contest and out of these three winners there will be one winner who predicted gets all the prediction right. The two winners who predicted only one right answer will get Supergrowth's appreciation Certificate and the contestant who predicted all the answers right will get Rs. 10,000/- as prize money. 

> If there is no one able to predicts right then that contest will stand to close and prize money will not be given to any of the participants even he or she might be right in two predictions and prize money will not be carried forwarded. 

> We will follow Bombay Stock Exchange as far as quotes are concerned and RTA / Company or Stock Exchanges as far as the subscription is concerned. 

> No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win. 

> Supergrowth decision is final and binding on all the contestant. 

> If anyone needs any clarification or have any suggestions regarding the contest he or she may write to us by email at 


Saturday, February 13, 2021

How Transfer Physical Share Certificates

There are lots of buyers of Physical Share Certificates who till today couldn't lodge their Physical Shares Certificates for transfer due to laziness, financial dispute and misplaced share certificates found later, etc.  The shares are lying with them along with transfer forms. There are lots of buyers who lodge the share certificates for transfer but companies returned them without transferring in their favour for various reasons the prominent one is "Signature of Seller doesn't match with the company's records" ( in simple language it is called "Signature Mismatch") and the person or broker from which they bought is missing, no more or not cooperating. They couldn't get it sorted through the original seller/shareholder because he lives in a city that is not easy for the buyer to go, the seller is no more, the seller moved to another place, the seller is not traceable, etc. and the problem doesn't end here even shares and years of dividend might have been transferred to IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund). There is a very high possibility the company issued new shares or its emerged identity which you are legally entitled to at free of cost.  

To sort out this sort of problem you don't need a specialist but a few specialists. One who is well-versed with the law and legal procedures another a competent company secretary who knows company laws like the back of his hand, a stock market specialist who know and have records of all the demergers and mergers, dividends, right issues, and bonuses issued by the not only around 5000 companies listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) but even in unlisted market space, and top of these a good relationship with not only companies but its registrar. 
We at Supergrowth have click all the boxes. Supergrowth is a more than 28 years old organization (before Harshad Mehta Scam) which have the backing of prominent Lawyers, company secretaries, and ex-stockbrokers and required. We not only pinpoints all the problems but bring a one-shot solution for all of them. It not only save your feet from wear & tear but most important time too. Supergrowth has all the required data of corporate benefits announced by the company in the form of Dividends, Rights Issues, Bonus Issues, Share split up, shares you are entitled to get due to mergers or demergers. 
Supergrowth is a Nariman Point, Mumbai based Wealth Discovery & Reclaiming Services firm.
Supergrowth being located at Nariman Point (which is within walking distance from The Bombay Stock Exchange and was having around 70% share in volume of total volume in India when there were only physical share certificates used to be traded) in India have very good relationships with not only current stockbrokers but brokers of 1990s through them we get in touch with the seller and D'mate the shares through their account and then transferring them to your D'mate account. We are having a presence in top cities of India and very soon we will have a pan India presence very soon, so where ever is the seller we can get in touch with him and get things sorted out in no time. 
Supergrowth is a Nariman Point, Mumbai based Wealth Discovery & Reclaiming Services firm. We not only just reclaim the shares but sucks all the benefits for you from the system to which you are entitled. So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively and lose opportunities for the sake of little initiative or a small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the ego or fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part, we are a call or message away. Contact Details are given below. 
Wealth Discovery & Reclaiming Services Firm 
133 'A' Mittal Court,
Nariman Point, 
Mumbai 400021

Effects of Demergers and Mergers while claiming shares from IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund)

In India, there are lots of people approaching Companies and IEPF for claiming Shares and Dividends of their or of their family members their own without knowing the procedure forget about the legal part. In this process, they waste lots of time, and during this endeavor, they get so frustrated that they left it in between. They end up wasting money and most important time, even if they succeed most of the time that is too partial because they are not aware of what merger or demerger the company went through in the past.
For example, Reliance has merged or demerged around 10 companies. (Some of them are Sidhpur Mills Company Limited merged in 1979, Reliance Petrochemicals in 1992, Reliance Polyethylen Limited (which we used to call RPEL or ILU in normal conversation), and Reliance Polypropylene Limited (RPPLor PILU) in 1992, and in 2002 again another company by the name of Reliance Petrochemicals ( It is not the same which got merged in 1992) in 2007 Indian Petrochemicals Limited (IPCL) these are few companies which got merged with Reliance. There is again a big list of companies that emerged from Reliance due to the split-up of Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani. The name of those companies which came in existence is Reliance Communication Ventures Limited, Reliance Natural Resources Limited, Reliance Capital Ventures Limited and Reliance Energy Ventures Limited. 
This is the history of Reliance which is the biggest company in India ( Market Capitalisation wise) which has so many twists of mergers and demergers, but What about other industrial houses like TATA group ( It too has a long list of mergers and demergers few of them like TATA Oil, Lakme, Trent, Hindustan Lever (HLL) which now called Hindustan Unilever, ACC( in the stock market it used to be known as Merger because it was created by merging around 13 cement companies). 
To be continued .....................

Thursday, January 7, 2021

What is the law for the transfer of shares to IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund)?

The prime law on which IEPF created or standing that is not explained explicitly due to that lots of company secretaries are interpreting it differently and that is creating confusion in the investors' community. 
The law says that the provisions of section 124 (6) of the Act, 2013 states"All shares of the Company in respect of which dividends have remained unclaimed or un-encashed for seven consecutive years or more, are required to be transferred by the Company to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (‘IEPF’) established by the Government of India."
By the language and applying the logic and keeping the spirit of the law. One can clearly understand the following: but we will give you examples along with the name of few companies which company secretaries have interpreted it differently and created a big hassle for themselves and for their shareholders. 
Supergrowth would like to explain the above subject with the help of an example.
Mr.Ram hasn't claimed the dividend for Financial Year 2010-2011, however, he claimed dividend for Financial Year 2011-2012. In this case, the dividend that remains unpaid for FY 2010-2011shall be transferred to IEPF on expiry of seven years, i.e. FY 2017-2018. However, the underlying shares can't be transferred in FY 2017-2018 since Mr. Ram has claimed the dividend on such shares for FY 2011-2012. The shares will only be transferred in case there is a failure of consecutive seven years in payment of dividend. 
In this case, the underlying shares will only gett transferred to IEPF in the Financial Year 2019-2020 provided Mr. Ram hasn't encashed any dividend on such shares from FY 2012-2013 and onwards consecutively for 7 years. 
Therefore, the word 'Consecutive'mentioned under section 124 (6) is only relevant for the transfer of shares. 
Supergrowth compliance team came across till now lots of companies like
Everest Kanto Limited, Panacea Biotech Limited, IG Petro Limited, DCM Limited Limited, Archies Limited, Wockhardt Limited, Garware Marine Industries Limited, TVS Electronics Limited, etc. have made such mistakes. These mistakes not only increase the workload for company secretaries themselves but will be a big hassle for the shareholders whose shares transferred to IEPF. 
The IEPF which is overburdened by lots of request of reclaiming of shares and dividend now that will add to its workload because of not clarity of the law. The IEPF should trace those companies, which were not supposed to transfer the share but have done and return those shares to the companies and let the shareholder claim the shares from the company itself. What do you say? ..........................