Saturday, April 10, 2021

Creditability of Supergrowth

In recent time lots of intermediaries have come up for the claiming of shares and dividend from IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund). because lots of Investors were not aware of new law and rules which created IEPF and due to that lots of Investors shares gone to IEPF.Some of these intermediaries are fly by night operators and they ask for advance payment in pretax of their connection in IEPF and then they do a very unprofessional job and due to that investor suffer not only financially but lost a considerable amount of time as well. It is normal tendencies of Indian Investors that they go for cheaper alternate without checking about the quality. How Supergrowth is different from the rest of the crowd? First Supergrowth is the only firm who is in this business for more than 28 years, the rest of the firms are not even started before 2015. Supergrowth is the only firm that handled complex issues of tainted shares of famous Harshad Mehta of The Scam 1992. Some of the guys of these firms are from the D'mate era and not aware of What is the Physical Shares and What is Transfer Forms etc.  Supergrowth is the only firm that has the experience of handling the nitty-gritty of physical shares. At the same time, it has kept itself updated on how has compliance requirements of the companies, registrar and share transfer agent, stock exchanges, SEBI ( Securities Exchange Board of India), MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs), ROC (Registrar of Companies) and most important and most difficult to deal with the IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund).   If you are dealing with any newbies then you might save few thousands as a fee but you loos on claiming of right no of shares and the right amount of dividends and some time they miss the companies too because you might be entitled to the shares of another companies shares too due to merger and demerger like in Bajaj Auto's case the shareholder not only entitle for the shares and dividends of Bajaj Auto but the shares of Bajaj Finserve and Bajaj Holding which got emerged from Bajaj Auto. We at Supergrowth not only have a record of 28 years of dividends, bonus given by the companies but most important merger and demergers too and it saves you from slippages in the form of dividend, shares and shares due to you in the form of bonus shares and shares of demerged identity. One another thing that is why our charges are higher because it includes all the expenses like Stamp Paper, Notary, Courier, conveyance, Drafting of Letters, Affidavits, Indemnities, Advertisement in the newspapers ( Both English and Regional), Follow it up with the companies, RTA ( Registrar and Transfer Agent).  We are a very time conscious and to the point business organization. In fact, we have a list of people, like Stockbrokers, High Networth Individual, Bankers, Venture Capitalist, PE Player etc. who have found our services much to their satisfaction. On request, we can provide you with the same. So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively and lose opportunities for the sake of a small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the ego, fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part, we are a call or mail away. 

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