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Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Rules and Terms & Condition of IPO ( Initial Public Offers) & OFS (Offer for Sale) Prediction Contest of Supergrowth

These are basic rules of IPO and OFS contest which is running at social media platforms of those pages links are given here, 1) LinkedIn, 2) FaceBook 3) Twitter

> Supergrowth has all the rights to change any rules, cancel any particular contest or close the contest without giving any notice and reason. 

> The theme of the contest is owned by Supergrowth but the platforms on which it is running is owned by their respective organizations and Supergrowth doesn't have any right on their brand and platforms. 

> One can participate through all or any social media platforms and can have a different prediction on a different platform. Every platform will be considered as a different entry. 

> One can change his or her prediction as many times as he or she wants to but Supergrowth will take only the last prediction into consideration while selecting the winner.

> The winner has to follow Supergrowth on the platform he or she participates in.

> If there is a situation where more than two winners then the winner will be decided by the team of expert of Supergrowth depending on his or her profile, age, from when she or he started to follow Supergrowth and that will be binding on all the participants.

> The timing of closing the contest will be decided by the stock market expert team of Supergrowth and it will be based on the scale of difficulty in the prediction.

> There will be Three winners in any contest and out of these three winners there will be one winner who predicted gets all the prediction right. The two winners who predicted only one right answer will get Supergrowth's appreciation Certificate and the contestant who predicted all the answers right will get Rs. 10,000/- as prize money. 

> If there is no one able to predicts right then that contest will stand to close and prize money will not be given to any of the participants even he or she might be right in two predictions and prize money will not be carried forwarded. 

> We will follow Bombay Stock Exchange as far as quotes are concerned and RTA / Company or Stock Exchanges as far as the subscription is concerned. 

> No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win. 

> Supergrowth decision is final and binding on all the contestant. 

> If anyone needs any clarification or have any suggestions regarding the contest he or she may write to us by email at