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Saturday, February 13, 2021

How Transfer Physical Share Certificates

There are lots of buyers of Physical Share Certificates who till today couldn't lodge their Physical Shares Certificates for transfer due to laziness, financial dispute and misplaced share certificates found later, etc.  The shares are lying with them along with transfer forms. There are lots of buyers who lodge the share certificates for transfer but companies returned them without transferring in their favour for various reasons the prominent one is "Signature of Seller doesn't match with the company's records" ( in simple language it is called "Signature Mismatch") and the person or broker from which they bought is missing, no more or not cooperating. They couldn't get it sorted through the original seller/shareholder because he lives in a city that is not easy for the buyer to go, the seller is no more, the seller moved to another place, the seller is not traceable, etc. and the problem doesn't end here even shares and years of dividend might have been transferred to IEPF ( Investor Education and Protection Fund). There is a very high possibility the company issued new shares or its emerged identity which you are legally entitled to at free of cost.  

To sort out this sort of problem you don't need a specialist but a few specialists. One who is well-versed with the law and legal procedures another a competent company secretary who knows company laws like the back of his hand, a stock market specialist who know and have records of all the demergers and mergers, dividends, right issues, and bonuses issued by the not only around 5000 companies listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) but even in unlisted market space, and top of these a good relationship with not only companies but its registrar. 
We at Supergrowth have click all the boxes. Supergrowth is a more than 28 years old organization (before Harshad Mehta Scam) which have the backing of prominent Lawyers, company secretaries, and ex-stockbrokers and required. We not only pinpoints all the problems but bring a one-shot solution for all of them. It not only save your feet from wear & tear but most important time too. Supergrowth has all the required data of corporate benefits announced by the company in the form of Dividends, Rights Issues, Bonus Issues, Share split up, shares you are entitled to get due to mergers or demergers. 
Supergrowth is a Nariman Point, Mumbai based Wealth Discovery & Reclaiming Services firm.
Supergrowth being located at Nariman Point (which is within walking distance from The Bombay Stock Exchange and was having around 70% share in volume of total volume in India when there were only physical share certificates used to be traded) in India have very good relationships with not only current stockbrokers but brokers of 1990s through them we get in touch with the seller and D'mate the shares through their account and then transferring them to your D'mate account. We are having a presence in top cities of India and very soon we will have a pan India presence very soon, so where ever is the seller we can get in touch with him and get things sorted out in no time. 
Supergrowth is a Nariman Point, Mumbai based Wealth Discovery & Reclaiming Services firm. We not only just reclaim the shares but sucks all the benefits for you from the system to which you are entitled. So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively and lose opportunities for the sake of little initiative or a small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the ego or fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part, we are a call or message away. Contact Details are given below. 
Wealth Discovery & Reclaiming Services Firm 
133 'A' Mittal Court,
Nariman Point, 
Mumbai 400021

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Share Certificate Related Issues

It happens lots of times that your family members and you were living at a different place and that family member passed away without giving you full details of his or her investments in shares. At the time of death, your mind was not finding his investment but it was shocked and priorities were different and after some time you get to this lots of time has passed. Lots of relatives and unwanted guests and visitors take not only your time but his shares file. Now you are back to your city and companies sent all the correspondences to his old address. There is no one to receive them and those go returned undelivered and after some time companies stop sending too. You don't have any details of shares so totally clueless about whom should you approach, that is where Supergrowth fits the bill. 
Once you give a mandate to Supergrowth, our search team regularly visits almost all the companies for various share related matters for our other clients. There we inquire about your relative's holding in that company in this process we not only get the holding but other details like Folio Nos., Distinctive Nos, Share Certificate Nos., Dividend warrants and Bonus Shares returned undelivered. We not only get the details of how much total dividend is not cashed by your relative but minute but very important information like shares from the merger or demerger, new shares after split-up of shares and bonus fractional entitlement. 
Once we get all the details then we go all out to get those shares transferred in favor of legal heirs or beneficiary. For further details and clarification feel free to comment here or you may contact us by any of these modes of communication.